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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a “prep” for my procedure?
It is vitally important to have as clean a colon as possible for an accurate, safe and timely procedure. You really do need to spend the time necessary to clean your colon. Granted, this is usually the most unpleasant part of the procedure, but once you have done your part, Dr. Roberts will do his part to make a thorough and safe examination.
Will my procedure be covered by my insurance?
You will need to contact your insurance company or your local agent in order to find out what percentage is covered and whether Dr. Roberts and Tifton Endoscopy Center are participants in your company's program.
Why do I get two or more bills?
When Dr. Roberts performs an endoscopic procedure there are always two bills. One for Dr. Roberts’
professional fee and one for the facility. When performed at Tift Regional Medical Center, inpatient or
outpatient, there is a professional fee from South Georgia Medicine, P.C. and a facility fee from Tift Regional Center. When performed at Tifton Endoscopy Center, Inc., there is a professional fee from South Georgia Medicine, P.C. and a facility fee from Tifton Endoscopy Center, Inc. If a biopsy is taken, there may be a bill from Tift Regional Medical Center for set-up and a bill from Pathology for the examination and report on the biopsy material.
Where are you located?
Tifton Endoscopy Center and South Georgia Medicine both occupy the same building at 1111 East 20th Street on the corner of 20th Street and Old Ocilla Road. This is behind the hospital (Tift Regional Medical Center) and the Medical Office Building.
Will Dr. Roberts perform the procedure?
Dr. Roberts performs all procedures at TEC.
Will I be put to sleep?
Most procedures are performed under what is known as "conscious sedation." You will be given IV medication to sedate you. This will allow you to remain responsive to the doctor's instructions but most likely not remember anything about the procedure once you wake up.
Where will my family/friends wait during the procedure?
At TEC and at TRMC, there are private waiting rooms for family/friends. Once you wake up after the procedure, a member of your family or friend (if you wish) may join you to hear the doctor's diagnosis and recommendations.
How long will my procedure take?
The procedure itself may only last from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of procedure performed and whether any therapeutic maneuvers such as biopsies, polypectomies, injections, dilations, etc. are performed. However, because of sedation and preparations before and after, you should plan on being at the office (TEC) for 2-4 hours.
Will I be able to eat and drink after the procedure?
You will be able to eat and drink about 30 minutes after the procedure.
Will I be able to return to work the next day?
Normally, yes, depending on the findings and the patient’s condition.
How long will it take for me to get my test results if a biopsy is taken?
Test results usually take within 2-3 business days.
Will someone call me with my biopsy results?
Yes, our staff will contact you with your results as soon as the physician reviews the report.


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